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MAR 2, 2022

You better have a digital DNA for 2022

Alexander Cassar

Chief Business Operation Officer

Reading time: 2 min


Talking in terms of New Normal or Next Normal no longer works. The strategy of tomorrow will have to reckon that the world won’t go back to Normal, eventually. In 2022 companies are challenged to navigate in a Never Normal scenario, where having a digital DNA empowered by technology will no longer be a case of “great-to-have extra”, but a “we need to have it” essential.
For our company, as a technology provider to this industry, 2022 starts with firm determination to leverage our domain expertise, technology capabilities and customer-centric strategy for delivering faster and cost-effective digital transformations. Helping client institutions to improve profitability through efficient, intelligently automated operations, but also through innovation and diversified offerings meeting more and more of the evolving market needs.

To focus our energy and resources, we have prioritised for this year several key areas:

Core Banking Systems – affirming and expanding the strong capability resulting form merging Die Software and their OBS solution. Taking it to new markets – across Europe and beyond, and to new industry segments – particularly the growing multitude of smaller and challenger institutions.
For those we intend to package a platform-type SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution. That would include our established Wealth Management offerings on a white-label basis – delivered directly to client firms, or through partnerships with established platforms like Pershing in the UK.

We are in the process of further enriching our Wealth and Asset Management suite with functionalities and features responding to market demand. An example is our commitment to sustainable and impact investment, where we are adding and enhancing ESG and related features in portfolio management and aspects of advanced risk management. We also pay close attention to regulatory requirements and our clients’ interest in respective solutions – like the MiFID-related SFDR regulation, which EU institutions will have to meet this year, and for which we can offer a solution.

Our clients are showing continued interest in improving their digital client engagement and lifecycle management. The success of dedicated Objectway solutions in the area gives us the confidence to continue expanding our presence in this product segment, and further innovate and enrich the associated functionalities and offerings. Customer-centric business is at the heart of our own strategic DNA and we are keen to help clients in the same direction.
Whatever challenges 2022 may bring, Objectway will remain agile, dynamic and responsive to market changes and client needs.

Driven by the Massive Transformation Purpose our organisation is built upon: to always continue to empower our clients and our people to perform to their very greatest today, and building for the future.
For this we continue our relentless capability building with focus on our talent pool, innovation capacity, and strategic growth. Looking forward to partner with more client institutions and deliver more value in 2022!