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OCTOBER 14, 2019

Celent Mentions Us for the Virtues of Objectway WealthTech Suite

By Objectway

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You know, we genuinely love to be mentioned in the press and in reports from the best business consulting firms.

You can then imagine how we feel after seeing our mention in the last August report from Celent, European Wealth Management Technology Vendors – Evaluating Front-To-Back Office Platform Vendors. One more testament to our work, our strategy, and our product line. Terrific.

We Shine at Insersections, Celent Says

Laws of development state that it’s hard to stay on the bleeding edge of software technology and, at the same time, deploy a wide range of functionality in a product. But, according to the report, we know how to do that at a good extent with our Objectway WealthTech Suite.

There is more. As your customer base increases, to provide service with a high grade of depth requires an increased commitment. Still, the intersection of these statistics spells a very good result for Objectway. Think about that: no other firm in the report comes even close to our number of clients in Europe.

There’s Still Work To Do

Objectway WealthTech Suite’s technical architecture is robust and reliably scalable; it has great APIs and integration capabilities; support for localization and local conventions is ample; the solution can plug in any legacy environment and interface with pre-existent CRMs and other components, nonetheless is a complete front-to-back solution; we can deploy on-premises on in the cloud, public, hybrid, private, whatever the client needs.

No product is perfect, of course, and even Objectway WealthTech Suite can improve. Our work on Artificial Intelligence features, for instance, is in progress and we didn’t deploy everything we have planned… yet. But we are committed every day to make it an even better suite. Our microservice approach allows services exposure, where each component/service can adopt a different level of integration with microservices enablers. Each service can also perform an enrichment phase to retrieve external information through standard multiprotocol invocation.

But We’re Proud of Our Achievements

Glad as we are for the attention we got from Celent, it’s also a motivation to bring further the scope of our solutions for Wealth and Asset Management. Fintech is rapidly evolving and we want to ride change while continuing to offer solid and capable solutions, fully-fledged for today’s firm needs.