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OCTOBER 9, 2019

Mass Customisation: A Tale of Technology Serving the Advisor

By Objectway

Reading time: 2 min


What is the technology behind a mass customisation solution that allows the advisor to save time and reduce effort? A solution that leaves space for optimisation and allows him to increase contact with customers and advise them on how to achieve the optimal result, free from inconveniences, bureaucracies and hurdles?

There are many keywords to define Mass Customisation with in technology terms, but – in summary – we shall talk about containers, microservices, machine learning and, above all, absence of lock-in.

Containers and Microservices

Constant availability of optimal processing capacity is an important aspect of a mass customisation solution. The framework of Mass Customisation is based on microservices and algorithms running within containers. Technical jargon put aside, the software is organised into small, independent components, that collaborate at their best regardless of how heavy the workload is.

Docker containers and microservices allow for automatic scalability, both horizontally and vertically: need more power for a single component? Or do you need more channels for delivering results? Processing resources are always at the optimal level to provide maximum performance. The idea here is to have Algorithms as a Service, activating as and when desired. Thanks to automatised management and transparent interchangeability of components, no update will compromise operations. In fact, thanks to Agile, continuous development and integration methodologies, the system is constantly improving and fine-tuning.

A System that Learns and Can Be Taught

We are proud of the speed of Mass Customisation and also of how it automatically learns as it works. In fact, the code incorporates algorithms for implicit cluster profiling, behavioral analysis, predictive models and optimisation; it improves by itself. And, when feedback comes from the advisor network, it incorporates ruins into its knowledge base. The system improves both from self-learning and from the feedback given to it.

This is linked to the ability to directly measure the response to each portfolio proposal campaign and continuously adapt the campaigns themselves to the changing requirements, to always get the best result and always know how to adjust a campaign to get closer to the expected results.

Integrates Immediately, Operational Ready, but Leaving Freedom of Choice

Mass Customisation contains a service integration framework that eases and speeds up integration into existing systems, through the extension of ready-made services. The system already contains all monitoring, alarms and other features to minimise downtime. More importantly, the combination of modularity, scalability, API exposure and organization by entity means that it does not have any technological lock-in.

Such great flexibility available to the customer reverberates in the tools at him/her disposal: the delivery channels of the portfolio proposals, for example, can be in the number and type desired, modifiable at will by format and content. Deployment happens on a hybrid cloud: the parts that require more processing power are run on public clouds; the sensitive data and the parts the customer demands confidentiality on can stay on a private cloud, on-premises or at the Trusted Cloud Partner hosting services by Objectway.

Technology That Harness Value from Data

Mass customisation enhances the value of data available to the customer, not the data model that organises them. Thus, the value for the customer is maximised. Such value is both continuously measurable and disconnected from the infrastructure due to the absence of lock-in, so you can understand how it can answer to business needs with great effectiveness, thanks to its technological substrate. Effectiveness is our goal.