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Objectway partners with Unblu to deliver seamless Digital Collaboration for Investment Services

Luc Haldimann

CEO, Unblu

Alberto Cuccu

Chief Solution Officer, Objectway


Alberto Cuccu, Objectway Chief Solution Officer, describes the benefits coming from the partnership signed with Unblu, a leading conversational engagement platform fine-tuned for the financial services industries. The strategic partnership integrates Unblu’s digital collaboration capabilities with Objectway’s Omnichannel Client Lifecycle Management solutions to further enrich the company’s digital front end offering for wealth, asset and banking services.
Luc Haldimann, CEO at Unblu, illustrates the partnership path as a tale of complementary capabilities and shared vision, where Objectway and Unblu have teamed up to redefine customer engagement from a person-to-person way of collaboration. Basically, the result is twofold and stems from a hybrid approach where stakeholders interact through an enhanced and renewed platform.