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February 02, 2024

Objectway at T3 Technology Conference: Unleashing potential through the acquisition of Nest Wealth

Marianna Vilardi

Senior Marketing Content Creator

Reading time: 5 min


Nest Wealth Objectway Group proudly participated in the T3 Technology Conference’s 20th-anniversary celebration last week, a momentous event that brought together leaders from the financial technology and wealth management sectors to foster collaboration, share insights, and celebrate the technological advancements shaping the financial industry. What’s more, the Conference served as a fitting backdrop for a groundbreaking announcement – as the world knows at this point, Nest Wealth is now officially part of the Objectway Group, marking a significant milestone in our journey to become the trusted end-to-end global partner for the wealth management industry and expand our geographical footprint in North America.

This year, Nest Wealth’s Founder and CEO, Randy Cass, took the stage to offer a profound exploration of mastering digital transformation in wealth management. Randy delved into a decade’s worth of digital transformation and client onboarding experiences, unravelling the intricacies of missteps and pitfalls. Through a meticulous analysis of real-life examples, he illuminated the nuances of success and failure, shedding light on the ‘why’ behind each outcome. With a keen eye on the lessons learned, Randy equipped the audience with invaluable insights on how to replicate triumphs. Regardless of the stage in the digital journey, he provided a comprehensive guide for forging a more successful path forward in this ever-evolving landscape.

On top of that, his impactful contribution to this special occasion, crowned by the announcement of the recent acquisition, confirmed our common and unwavering commitment to propelling driving innovation and embracing digital transformation for financial institutions to craft more personalised, efficient and secure client experiences.

Indeed, by integrating Nest Wealth client onboarding and financial planning solutions with Objectway robust capabilities, we will elevate our wealth and investment management offering to provide enhanced services to our valued clients, both existing and new, in Canada and the US and further expand and enrich our wealth solutions design model across the entire value chain in EMEA.

Eventually, the T3 Conference has been a beacon of inspiration and collaboration for two decades and we are delighted to being a part of this milestone event, contributing to the ongoing dialogue surrounding innovation in the financial industry.

As we look towards the future, Objectway remains dedicated to shaping the next chapter of wealth management, where technology and client-centric solutions converge for a brighter and more prosperous tomorrow.