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December 21, 2023

ONE OBJECTWAY: the value of being ONE organisation

Maria Federica Marciano

Objectway Marketing, Communication & Organisation Director

Reading time: 5 min


As the first-ever Objectway Group-wide Town Hall recently concluded, it marked an exceptional day for our organisation. Bringing together the entire Objectway family from offices across Europe provided a unique opportunity for all of us to gather and unite as One Objectway, reflect on our organisation and values, and reaffirm our commitment to the principles encapsulated by “One Objectway”.

Unlock the potential of innovation and growth for people

At Objectway, being ONE means more than a collective effort; it embodies a set of principles and practices that elevate us into a league of our own. The One Objectway Culture ensures that every member is not just a contributor but an integral part of a greater whole. It’s our guiding light, shaping our past and future.

To become a true ONE-firm entity, we’ve emphasised key values of commitment, collaboration, coordination, leadership, and innovation, grounding our value agenda in a bigger mission and purpose that has people at the center. We’ve articulated strategic initiatives that capture this value, with a focus on partnership and collective potential.

Unify fragmentation, overcome barriers, simplify complexity for true success

With a global presence across 15 countries, a client base exceeding 200, and a workforce of over 800 people representing 30 nationalities, Objectway’s true success lies in breaking down barriers. We believe in cross-business teams, harnessing firm shared platforms, and drawing upon the extensive support of our diverse expertise. This approach facilitates seamless collaboration, beyond internal boundaries, to create a client-centric approach, enabling teams to work in synergy and swiftly adapt and respond to the evolving needs of our clients.

Trust, connectivity and connections

At the core of our journey towards unity is a culture built on trust and connectivity. We’re revamping our strategic direction and organisation design to equip every member with the skills and tools they might need. We invest time in fostering interactions among teams, creating a deeper understanding of our organisation. We believe that genuine connections flourish when different people come together, leading to proactive connections and sharing.

United for Excellence

Today, we stand united, driven by a shared vision and a resolute commitment to delivering excellence to our clients. As we fully embrace the value of operating as One Objectway, our journey knows no bounds. Collaboration knows no limits, and innovation thrives. Together, we rise above challenges, leveraging our collective talents to shape a brighter future for our organisation and stakeholders.

In the vast landscape of global business, Objectway stands as a testament to the transformative power of unity, where every individual contributes to a collective brilliance – living the ethos of One Objectway.