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GEN 28, 2022

Objectway to GROW: Goals, Reality and Opportunities that will chart the Way Forward

Tiziana Orlandini

HR Director

Reading time: 2 min


Work as we know it no longer exist, you probably heard it multiple times. But is nostalgia what we feel about it? Is “coming back” still a plausible, desirable choice?

Keeping up with something that is on the verge of momentous transformation is certainly a massive challenge. Working priorities changed significantly in the past two years, and it appears there is no sign of ceasing. The drivers governing work keep generating and regenerating tirelessly, carrying with them new expectations and demands. As far as we can image, 2022 will be no exception.

Facing this storm of change, Objectway is committed to continue to GROW: to set new Goals, to consolidate our Reality and keep seizing the Opportunities ahead to chart the Way forward.

Where are we now and where will we be next?

On present day, as people are now taking back their office desks and share spaces and time with their colleagues, we are working harder on building a physical workspace that fosters collaboration and cooperation in a secure environment, providing tools, technology and infrastructure as part of our renewed people experience.

As an organisation driven by a fast-forward thinking, Objectway is sailing off to the next working scenario, and although we cannot predict exactly what it will look like, we are indeed on a continuous process of workplace reinvention, aiming at empowering our people to work virtually and seamlessly connect.

According to our recent online survey, hybrid work models are still widely believed to be one of the most crucial benefits for a company. 68% of respondents agree on this. There’s a double truth here: all-remote solution is not an option to consider – people want human interactions back – but neither is the all in-office solution – the good brought about by remote working is not going to be easily given up to.

The hybrid model adopted from March 2020 up until now worked well. However, it was still a practice driven by urgency and emergency. As it ultimately becomes more and more the norm, new variables emerge that will regulate the post-pandemic hybrid practices to become a consolidated way of working.

For this reason, we are increasingly operating towards achieving one goal in 2022: building a workplace experience that is tailored for our organisation and will enable people to connect and interact efficiently, both remotely and on-site.

We recognise our best performance comes from our best practices and those practices come from our people. A workplace framework that combines agility and flexibility will be the key to unlock the potential of working opportunities for the success of our workforce and consequently our organisation’s.

This will require a shared culture of mutual trust, the common background of an organisation where people evolve the idea of feedback as it used to be to regular, enriching conversations with other members of their team at any level, aiming at coaching, learning and improving.

2022 comes with the opportunity to enable extremely diverse points of view to thrive, and therefore widely diverse people to engage and contribute to the mission and vision of our organisation. Diversity of thought and experience raises the bar on innovation and creates more powerful, creative teams.

This year, we are no longer thinking in terms of new normal or next normal. We are facing a never normal scenario, where there is no static, defined finish line to cross, but an in-progress commitment. Investing time, resources and effort to maintain our culture strong and bold, helping our people stay connected, productive and engaged, cultivating a community driven by a fierce sense of belonging, building a human workplace. This is our way forward!