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JUNE 7, 2021

Towards the New Normal, Chapter One: React

Tiziana Orlandini

HR Director

Reading time: 2 min


2020, what a year! I fear it will not be easily forgotten by any of us. With this series of blog articles, we wish to walk you through the three stages of our journey towards the new normal: how we react to the chaos, recover from the uncertain, and restore looking ahead at the future challenges.

Paving the way

It has been an intense year, which has put us through a lot. A year of uncertainty, sacrifice, adaptation, learning vocabulary and procedures we could have happily done without.
I really don’t think any of us will forget those moments when we suddenly found ourselves homebound and unprepared for a new version of our lives.
No one imagined at the time that it would last so long and that it would mark a momentous change.
Today, however, after more than a year, we can certainly say that we have learned to cope with this new normal and, although the enemy is still there, we feel stronger and more confident.
Above all, we have learned to recognise what is really important, but most of all we have realised how essential it is to share our daily lives with others.
How much we have missed coffee with colleagues, after-work drinks and hugs or simply handshakes.
We have learned not to take our colleagues, our sense of belonging, our organisation for granted and it is important not to forget that.

Bend, but don’t break

This was certainly not how we imagined the beginning of the experience of remote working.
We did not have time to question, prepare and plan for it as we would have liked.
At first we did not fully understand the scope of what was happening, but when we realised day by day that this was not a transitory moment, that we could not wait for it to pass, each of us did the only thing we could… embraced the change and guide our organisation through it.
Day after day, each of us adapted our way of working to the needs that arose, anticipating a winning choice.
There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but it is necessary to adapt the solutions to the business, to the teams, and to the specific needs that each of us faces every day in our work.
But we needed to share this experience with our colleagues so that we would not feel alone, because together we are stronger.

The value of community

This is how Still #onthego was born, a column that involved all the teams, both in Italy and abroad, and that helped us to exorcise this obligatory distance and made us all feel part of One Objectway!

Everyone shared their personal way of coping and adapting to the new normal and this really made us feel closer.
What emerged was a tenacious company made of #people, #belonging, #resilience, #dedication, #evolution, a community of people we are proud to belong to.
Now it is time to look forward, even though we have never really stopped looking forward.
It is time to rethink with an open mind the way we work inside and outside the company, designing and adopting the most coherent solutions for the specific needs of our organisation.
Together we must embark on a long-term growth path, which takes into account all our distinctive features and can support us flexibly in our evolution.

Everyone’s contribution is therefore crucial to our future.

Stick around, journeys take a while to tell.