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AUG 5, 2021

Towards the New Normal, Chapter Three: Restore 

Tiziana Orlandini

HR Director

Reading time: 2 min


Here we are again.

This story of ours has not yet finished. And still, we have a few things to say before you go.

The previous articles revealed the extent of Covid-19 challenge. The revolution it brought demanded to react with unprecedented weapons and to implement a resilient recovery strategy. For the days to come, these foundations we laid will coexist, combine and recombine to restore who we are, how we work and how we grow.

Create the office of the future, one step at a time

At this stage, we can safely say the era of everybody physically traveling to the office on a daily basis is not likely to resume once the pandemic is over. People became familiar with working remotely and as we sail through and out the new normal, towards the next normal, we realize that the global social transformation is still ongoing and splitting time between office presence and remote work should be increasingly dynamic and flexible.

In times of exceptional change, coming back to what it was cannot happen, traditional models cannot keep up effectively with post-pandemic life.

In the next normal, Objectway will be challenged to integrate a permanent state of flexibility and adaptability into its DNA, to consolidate a renewed way of working and collaborating enabled by technology that does not neglect human contact; and not least to create a workspace that favours inspiration, social interaction and motivation.

To meet each other and having conversation is still an essential feature of our work, to share competences, train, brainstorm, encourage creativity and innovation.

The path for us to follow is a hybrid model that dynamically merges remote working and in-office presence. Such integration is the basis to consolidate all the progresses we’ve made up until now, mitigating potential risks of a fragmented activity and fostering personal relationships. A hybrid, goals-oriented, results-oriented model, that cares deeply for people.

Our offices’ unlocking will be driven by flexibility, simplicity, care for people, responsibility.

In this perspective, the workspace evolves its mission and identity. It is no longer a building, a room, a location, it becomes a priceless source of value where to draw a brand-new sense of belonging and engagement.

We’ve all learned by know how unpredictable life is and that we really can’t imagine what the future holds for us in the years ahead.

However, there is much we can do to guide the future of our company by striving – all of us together – to continue to grow globally, adapting quickly to change and seeking each other’s continued involvement in this exciting journey, beyond the new normal, where everyone of us is the main character.