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MARCH 31, 2017

Discover Our Symbol

Kalesh Stancampiano

Art Director

Reading time: 2 min


Let’s start from the very beginning: Crafting the Original Message

When Objectway was founded in 1990 we do know for a fact that B2B market trends didn’t really demand an extremely distinctive logo to be recognised in the overall business scenario.

The adoption of a clear plain logo seemed enough, as long as it kept holding clients’ attention on the most essential factor that still characterises a brand: its name.

And it actually did, rather successfully. Our logo expressed our perspective, and our perspective was perfectly aligned to markets’ requests. We opted for a burrs-free logo that communicated the essence of a brand whose strength lied in products’ and solutions’ excellence; a straightforward brand, whose payoff “The financial software & service company”, ideally and synthetically described its identity.

But trends, they have one certainty only: they rapidly change. And you need to stick to them.

Change How you Look, but Stay True to your Values

2016 has been quite a year for Objectway, kicking off a massive rebrand operation that begins with the design of a third logo. It needed to be “brand new” and also to convey a new sentiment risen upon our brand, now figured as Fluid, Agile, Digital, Growth.

The new logo also aims to foster the debut of a factor that seems to be a fundamental driven of the company, the client and a client-centric approach.

After months of research, work and questions, we went deep into the core of our business and we designed a new logo that carries a different type of awareness, position and identity with it, one that is human and emphatic.

We chose water as the idea behind our symbol, starting from the belief that as a dynamic, fluid, manageable element, water could perfectly represent the essence and vision of a company that is capable to reshape and meet different clients’ needs; agile and versatile like water, Objectway quickly adapts and reacts, recomposes and decomposes in individual business solution for each one of you.

In our perspective, water is energy and energy reshapes and changes our world, that’s why a wave-shaped symbol seemed to be the perfect synergy between our rational attitude and our emotional soul.

Our symbol evolves its structure, it takes you on a digital journey, from our blue fintech, to your green success.

In 2016 Objectway is no longer a static brand, but rather marked by those typical shades of a dynamic brand, open to transformation.

Objectway is Fluid, and thinks fluid. We evolve naturally, overstepping obstacles and boundaries along the way. We experience everyday newness like a living organism.

Objectway is Agile. It gives shape to the environment surrounding it. Just like our solutions, that cooperate and flexibly adapt to any need, the Objectway logo is made of essential components, highly reusable, strictly basic, widely versatile due to their recombinant capabilities.

Objectway is Digital. It’s in our DNA. Our logo is drawn in bright colours, bright as the platforms we work on and the business we are passionate about. Colours stand for our vision of the future painted in our solutions. We trust our skill to always advance and take you to the very next level.

Objectway is Growth. We never stop discovering ourselves, we never stop moving forward. We believe in our ability to keep improving, to always boot ourselves to the very best of our potential and to deliver the best service possible to our clients. Our symbol evolves its structure as we keep evolving our commitment.

Are you ready to embark on your Digital Journey with Objectway?