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APRIL 6, 2021

OWIN: Your Gateway to our Brand

Marianna Vilardi

Marketing Content Creator

Reading time: 2 min


A brand echoes in the mind of a community. We dare greatly to position ourselves in the mind of our community, our customers and ultimately our people. That’s why we shape our OWIN overall experience and make it into your gateway to our brand.

Take a load off, we’re telling a story here, one that you’ve maybe seen here and there if you’ve found yourself browsing our network sometime, but you surely have never been told about.

Let’s take a step back

Reaching back into 2015 we were a solid brand, well aware that from the very moment you start a business your never-ending purpose should be to build a brand that matters, meaning that everything around it should be, in one word, Interconnected. But not exclusively. Bit by bit we’ve realised that in order to make an authentic difference, we needed to make every Interaction count. We moved forward in this direction.

However, even then we felt there was a disconnection between what we did – meaningful stuff – and what came out of them. Our community wasn’t as strong as our brand, our overall identity was blurry and as a consequence, also were our actions. In short, what we genuinely missed was Integration between the puzzle pieces.

To Interconnect, Interact and Integrate, starting point was identifying three branding territories we felt could best describe our intrinsic core, going beyond defining our brand and subtly fabricate your ultimate brand experience with Objectway, one that could blend everything we were all together.

We figured our brand as striving to scout Insights for future opportunities; a company that invests in a nonstop sharing process of Information and ideas; one that firmly believes in Individuals and is fully aware that a community works only if it brings more value to the people who belong in it.

This seemed to be our very first triptych, and it fairly worked. But what exactly could we do with it?  We asked ourselves how deep we wanted to dig and first and foremost how long we wanted the memory of our experience to rest in people’s minds. Just for one day or eventually more?

The answer was clear. We wanted to forge a community which was more than adequate, but rather Inclusive, to offer our customers something more than just your average company event, but rather Inspirational, we intended to encourage active engagement, a branding pictures where people are more than passive viewers and become an essential element of a dynamic, two-way Innovative experience.

Now imagine to get across a gateway, to draw a path, one that starts from Interactions, Integration and Interconnection, passing through Individuals, Information and Insights, ending in Inclusion, Inspiration and Innovation. And there it is, the common ground: everything we felt we wished to communicate outside about us started with the two letters IN.

That’s when we embarked on this project that we all familiarly refer to as OWIN.

OWIN still today defines our blog, it defines our customer conference experience, not to mention our community. You know, this is the key with brand experiences, if you get it right, it can be a really powerful thing. And this is what it turned into: our very own and authentic trademark, one so loud that if you ever jump into it, you’ll know it’s us. You’ll know it’s Objectway!