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dec 19, 2022

Objectway International Customer Conference 2023: Ready, Steady, Go!

Maria Federica Marciano

Head of Group Marketing

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It’s official, OWIN is back! Past the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions of the last three years, we are more than happy to announce that in 2023, we’ll be hosting, in-person, the next edition of our iconic International Customer Conference, in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the glorious city of Venice, Italy.

Throughout its multiple editions Objectway Customer Conference has been an exclusive event and experience entirely dedicated to our customers. An opportunity to further develop and strengthen the relationship with our clients’ community: to discuss and showcase market and technology trends and challenges, with the participation and insightful point of view of industry-leading market analysts, partners and journalists; to explore the evolution and growth plans of our company.

Back in London, late 2015, the keyword of our Customer Conference was bravery, and it paid off. Amsterdam, late 2016, was the time of confirmation, of our vision; Rome, early 2018, was marked with the seal of awareness, of our mission and the strategy to achieve it. In early 2023, Venice calls – quite loudly – for innovation! And not any type. Our next Customer Conference will bridge you to the discovery of business sustainable innovation!

Bridging a Sustainable Future & deliver Business Growth

There is a clear link between sustainable growth and innovation in wealth management, that is sustainable growth requires sustainable innovation. And both are essential, growth and innovation, to operate in the current, fast-changing environment.
Customer expectations are ever-evolving, market trends are ever-changing, disruptive events as we’ve learned are ever-lurking, digital has become a non-negotiable hygiene beyond products, services and experiences but as flowing in a company DNA. With so many seismic shifts, we are used to think the password to log in the financial market is to “keep pace”, when it is rather to “innovate seamlessly”.

Innovation in wealth management can take many forms, including the development of new financial products, the use of new technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the wealth management process, and the implementation of new business models.
The same way, “sustainable” is a tricky word, and sustainability is the talk of the town, carrying different meanings depending on who you’re speaking to, the context you’re speaking of.
But if we look at it from a very narrow perspective, and that is the exercise we did, it simply refers to something that lasts. Therefore, set aside single innovations, sustainable innovation for us lies in the ability of an organisation to continuously, seamlessly adapt and evolve to smoothly meet changing needs and preferences, master unpredictable circumstances and stay competitive in a rapidly changing market.
This is the very first ingredient to achieve sustainable, long-term growth.

What better city than Venice as a metaphor for the energy flows that allow corporate growth. We captured one of its most symbolic images, the bridge: an emblem of integration, fluidity and seamless transition, to innovate by adapting to changing conditions. Venice is a symbol of long-term sustainable growth and agility, capable of governing an ever-changing environment and overcoming obstacles in a natural way, in a context of sustainability and resilience.

Much more than a conference, a Community Experience

On the tune of the wider topic of sustainable innovation, OWIN23 will be an opportunity to meet, interact and connect with other professionals in the industry, learn about industry innovations, stay up to date with industry trends, deepen into our offering and get to know our strategies and innovations for our solutions and services; in one word, Objectway’s sustainable vision for the future!

Within specific dedicated sessions, customers will share their experiences and success in implementing their projects with us. There will be presentations and panel discussions investigating how making intentional changes to a company’s offering or processes may generate social and environmental benefits while creating economic profit; a focus on investment decisions considering sustainability strategies – such as impact investing, green finance, and socially responsible investing – to generate financial returns while also promoting sustainability; conversation about potential financial benefits of adopting sustainable business practices, such as reduced risk, improved reputation, and access to new markets; exchanges on the challenges and opportunities for wealth managers in integrating sustainability into their business models, and strategies for addressing these challenges.


Now imagine crossing the bridge, drawing a path, one that starts from Interactions, Integration and Interconnection, going through Individuals, Information and Insights, one that brings you to Inclusion, Inspiration and Innovation. This is Objectway Customer Conference and we look forward to welcoming you to OWIN23.

18th to 20th April 2023.
Save the date in your agenda!
And stay tuned.