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Objectway in collaboration with Business Review Webinar is setting a Webinar presented by Peter Schramme.

How a future-proof digital advisory solution can provide superb human governance

Digitisation and digitalisation are changing the private client investment management industry like never before. Not only in the way existing processes are becoming more digital, but also by enabling new business models and business offerings which were not possible or economically viable a few years ago.
This webinar will expand on the do’s & don’ts with regard to robo-advisory, based on real life cases across multiple territories.
There will also be a live Q&A at the conclusion of the presentation


  • The impact of digitisation and digitalisation on the investment management business
  • Hybrid approach is the digital lifestyle approach to connect with clients
  • Strengthen client-advisor collaboration
  • Digital experience and automation are friends

Date: Wednesday, 09th May 2018
Time: 3pm London – 10am New York
Duration: 60 minutes

Subscription is free of charge, follow the link below to register.