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Empowering Advisory Services: Novobanco’s Journey with Objectway

Elisabete Pinto Pereira

Deputy Executive Director, Novobanco


Elisabete Pinto Pereira, Novobanco Deputy Executive Director, retraces in this interview with The Wealth Mosaic the steps that led to build the collaboration with Objectway. “It all began in 2018” says Elisabete, when, due to Novobanco’s history and the bank’s compliance regulations, they need to change their advisory service approach.

Thanks to Objectway, Novobanco has developed a Managed Account approach to the clients’ portfolios, simplifying the relationship with the customers. In the meantime, Novobanco also implemented ESG, granting in that way the suitability of the advisory approach itself.

The project has been deployed in 4 different phases, in a Covid-19 pandemic framework, but the remote location never compromised the success of the project thanks to the expertise of Objectway and Novobanco.

Among the activities planned for the future there’s the automatic execution of the orders and a recurring advisory service. Curious to learn more? Click here and download now the Novobanco Case Study!