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KBC Securities Services & Objectway: A Strategic Partnership to Maximize Expertise and Amplify Efficiency

Maarten De Clerck

Head of Product Development, KBC Securities Services


In this interview, held during Objectway OWIN23 Customer Conference, Maarten De Clerck, KBC Securities Services Head of Product Development, depicts how the ongoing partnership with Objectway is developing on two different levels. On one hand, KBC Securities Services has lightened up its clients’ onboarding process thanks to Objectway’s Digital Onboarding Platform. In this case the aim was streamlining the whole work chain and allowing wealth managers and clients to access to the same platform for keep in contact in a more direct way.
On the other hand, Objectway is supporting KBC Securities Services on Portfolio Management level: clients can have a real-time view on the performance of their investments and can collaborate with their advisors on regular basis. So, this is just the beginning because the partnership between Objectway and KBC Securities Services will intensify day by day.