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Objectway sustainable vision of the future

Luigi Marciano

Founder & CEO Objectway


Hello everyone and let me say: yes, OWIN is back!

In April 2023 we’ll be hosting, in Venice, in-person, the next edition of our iconic International Customer Conference. A 3-days experience fuelled with networking, views on latest industry trends and an opportunity to deepen into our offering and get to know our strategies and innovations for our solutions and services.

Business Sustainable Innovation is going to be at the very heart of OWIN23. For us, it lies in the ability of an organisation to adapt and evolve to smoothly meet changing needs and preferences, master unpredictable circumstances and stay competitive in a rapidly changing market. All this having a positive impact on business, society and environment.

So ultimately, sustainable innovation is not a fixed state of harmony but rather a process of change – fuelled with collective collaboration and effort – in which the exploitation of resource, the direction of investments and of technology development, along with institutional change are made consistent with both present and future demands and needs. This is the key first ingredient to achieve sustainable, long-term growth.

If we think from this perspective to our business, we are talking about Wealth Democratization, meaning extending accessibility, broadening the investment landscape and scope, and achieving both through “cost frameworks” that are fair and appropriate on an on-going basis.

Also, Impact Investing Decision Support to improve the ability of discretionary asset managers to better measure positive sustainable impact related to their deployment of capital. This speaks toward continuing to identify and integration the best data attribution models that facilitate timeliness and precision as it relates to positive and negative impact of deployed capital, and unlocking the ability of investors to support long-term investment horizons that support high impact infrastructural change.

Developing Upskilling programmes that help to offset the potentially adverse impact on employment of increasing automation via robotics and AI systems within the entire wealth value chain. This speaks toward developing collaborations with content and system providers focused on “enabling” more humanization in the client relationship where it assists vulnerable clients, and provides greater touch points to scale the advisory process. These are very few examples of outcomes to be considered in business sustainable innovation.

Venice is a metaphor for the energy flows that allow corporate growth. We captured one of its most symbolic images, the bridge: an emblem of integration, fluidity and seamless transition, to innovate by adapting to changing conditions. Venice is a symbol of long-term sustainable growth and agility, capable of governing an ever-changing environment and overcoming obstacles in a natural way, in a context of sustainability and resilience.

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you in Venice!