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The Wealth Management Firm of 2025

23rd April 2020 – Attend the webinar to understand the key issues firms are currently facing, where improvements are required and how the Wealth Mangers believe the industry will adapt and evolve over the next five years.

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23rd April 2020

4:00pm – 5:00pm

The wealth management firm of 2025

Objectway and Compeer

Objectway is delighted to introduce “Thursdays with Objectway”, the new webinar series where our team will cover the industry hot topics and trends.

Don’t miss the first session, co-presented with Compeer, focusing on the results of the exclusive report The wealth management firm of 2025.

Compeer, the specialist in business performance benchmarking & bespoke research for the wealth management industry, working in association with Objectway, hosted a series of workshops with over 20 Senior Executives from Wealth Managers, with expertise in business strategy, operations, marketing and technology.

During the webinar we will be exploring the following topics:

  • Automation wherever it adds value and efficiency, whilst implementing software solutions that work in synergy;
  • The need for CRM to evolve into a client management system covering on-boarding, re-boarding, client reviews;
  • The integration with front-end tools and back-offices systems;
  • The cloud, security, and outsourcing in the future.

Webinar Information

23rd April 2020

The session is reserved for financial institutions only.